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Исполнитель: :: Amazed

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Композиция: (Lonestar cover) - Boyz II Men

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Когда добавлено: 2017-01-13

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Текст песни:

So Amazing

Oh, ooh, oh yes
When you're life's walk
Can't see the light of day
And your hope is gone
When you second-guess your faith
When you turn around
And realize that no one else
Will believe in you only yourself

When you're holding on
Can't find a will to breathe
Can you right the wrong?
That has brought you to your knees
Though you've barely lived your life
You keep on believing you'll survive
And all that's left is what's inside

1 - Amazing
I have heard my inner voice
And finally can rejoice
I was lost and way down
Never thought that I would be
Amazing but now I'm free

So you let go of love that's holding on
And you close your eyes
Never thought of being wrong
And you surrendered half your life
To a world of pain and sacrifice
But through it all, through it all
You make things right

Repeat 1

Desperate (oh so desperate)
So confined (so confined)
Every day (oh) losing touch (losing touch) of my mind
(Of my mind, oh)
I found that strength
(So I found that strength)
In my pride
(And I've gave my pride)
Isn't it crazy, so amazing
I'm alive

Repeat 1 (2x)

So free, amazing that now I'm free

"Amazed" - Boyz II Men (Lyrics On Screen)
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